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Smooth edgy solo act releases 12-track album


When I was in high school, my favorite rap collective was Odd Future. I loved them because of their obscene behavior in interviews and award shows but also their smooth and edgy music.

This group was composed of rap and R&B subgroups, one of them being the Grammy nominated group: The Internet, an energy filled neo-soul band with Syd as the lead singer, songwriter and producer. Now, Syd is a solo act and has released her debut 12-track solo album entitled “Fin.”

“Fin” was released February 2017 via iTunes, and as soon as I heard the news, I clicked onto Apple Music and immediately vibed out to the first track called “Shake Em Off.”

“Shake Em Off” starts off with a snare and Syd’s melodic vocals harmonizing to give the song sophistication.

The second song comes in pretty broadly with keyboard horns starting the intro and then drifting into an almost acapella groove with just a kick beat, a sample and Syd’s vocals giving an Aaliyah sound. This is actually my favorite track because it stands out from the rest of the songs on the album by bringing back that old vibe of Timbaland and Missy Elliott’s sound that gave artists like Tweet and Aaliyah their signature sound.

The next song is “No Complaints,” which is a 1-minute interlude into “Nothin to Somethin,” which blends perfectly. From the very start of “No Complaints,” Syd rap-sings about her success in the game so far. The beat to “Nothin to Somethin” immediately drops after and gives the album a bop to vibe to.

As for the rest of the album, it slows down and the production of every song gets smoother.

With Syd coming from a band, this album shows her confidence and zealous consistency for music. She plays with a lot of weird sounds that wouldn’t normally fit into an R&B mood, but she jells it in well with her hard hitting hi-hats, kicks and suave approach. “All About Me” is a great example of that.

I love this album because the sultry mood is at a consistent pace and never leaves me bored. Syd’s poise and inventive songwriting will have you listening to this with satisfaction every listen.