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Ricci Logan/The Arka Tech Garlic parmesan wings with macaroni and cheese and fries.

Chicken wing addict confesses about Smackin’ Wings food

Hi, my name is Noah Delashaw and I am a chicken wing addict. If I was to only eat one food for the rest of my life, I could easily do that if it was chicken wings. So, when I heard about the Smackin’ Wings and Things food truck in Russellville I knew I needed to try it.

I had heard about it from a few friends that heard about it and they went and tried it. They told me the wings were so good, and they wanted to go back more. I do not take these things lightly; I know for a fact that when people they try new things, they have a tendency to either overall hate it or boost it because they get a misconception after trying it. I went into the experience completely open-minded and let the chicken do the talking for me.

Noah Delashaw/The Arka Tech
PB and J wings (half) and Honey Hot wings (the other half) with rolls and fries.

We started off by trying to find the truck. We drove to the location stated by their Facebook. We arrived, and we found their sign but no truck. Ricci told me they move sometimes to another spot, so we drove over there to try and find them. They were also not there. As we pulled out of the parking lot where he thought they were, we saw them down the street in another lot. It wasn’t look good from the start since they were somewhat hard to find.

After talking to them they explained why and that they will normally be in the normal spot. Walking up to the truck, we were greeted by a guy who took orders. He was very nice and personable. I asked him what he recommended for people eating there for the first time. He told me to go with the wings and listed a few of the flavors.

This is where he caught me. Flavors like Sweet chili, Honey Hot, and then PB and J. I was immediately in on trying this crazy sounding flavor. I ordered the 8-wing plate, it came with eight wings, two rolls, a side and a drink, all for 11 dollars. If you are a chicken wing eater such as myself, you know this is a great deal for a good number of wings and food.

The service was good as they cook everything to order and it only took around 10-15 minutes.

Now the moment we are all really wanting to talk about—the food. It came out of the truck into my hands and immediately I had a feeling this was going to be good. I opened up the box and saw a mountain of food with eight wings, two rolls, and a pile of fries all stuffed inside.

I first tried the PB and J wing and can easily say I was not disappointed. The idea of it is similar to the chicken and waffle idea with sweet and salty. The peanut butter was smooth and tasty with a sweet jelly drizzled around the wing. The chicken was crispy and well cooked. It was meaty and tasted delicious.

My other flavor was the Honey Hot. I like buffalo mild sauce, but it is not my favorite. This flavor took that medium buffalo flavor and mixed it with a sweet honey flavor that fixed all the reasons I do not like buffalo sauce.

The rolls were warm and buttered up with a nice seasoning on them that made them really complementary to the wings.

Lastly, the side of fries. If you have had Taco Bell fries, they are pretty similar. They were crispy, well-seasoned and tasted delicious.

Overall, if you are a fan of chicken wings and food that is well seasoned and relatively cheap for the amount, this is a place you need to visit.

Sides give the hug to the chicken wing love

If you love chicken wings like I do you need to go to Smackin’ Wings and Things. These wings are made with love and care in food truck located in the Sears parking lot in Russellville. The people at the truck greet you like family.

Ricci Logan/The Arka Tech
Garlic parmesan wings with macaroni and cheese and fries.

They have many tradition flavor wings like honey barbeque, buffalo and garlic parmesan. But they also have other exotic flavors like peanut butter and jelly wings or the Reese’s cup wings.

They have bone in wings and boneless wings for good price. For eight wings, one side and two rolls is $10.49. I ordered the hungry man plate. It comes with 12 wings, two sides, two rolls and drink, and I paid $14.44 for my meal.

For my two sides, I ordered macaroni and cheese and french fries. I would definitely would recommend trying that macaroni and cheese. It is a burst of flavor hitting your taste builds with its melted cheese reaching out and giving your tongue a hug.

The wings also did not disappoint. I ordered the garlic parmesan wings and with every bite it seemed liked a small piece of heaven.

If you want chicken wings, Robbie Owns, the owner from Denver, Colorado, makes the best wings in town. For question or concerns, like them on Facebook at “Smackin Wings and Things,” or call 720-646-4917.

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