Single & ready to mingle

Online editor tries speed dating

Only three participants showed up to the speed dating event. Sam still had a good time.

Listen here: I’m a catch.

Why hasn’t this “catch” been caught yet, then? With Valentine’s Day vibes in the air, I recently found myself wondering that. My internal introspection didn’t lead to any real answers, and Claudia, my student newspaper editor and dear friend, didn’t have an answer for me either.

That’s why she assigned me to attend the annual African American Student Association (AASA) speed dating event. I went with an open mind, perfectly willing to open up to some strangers.

I arrived in room 242 of Doc Bryan at exactly 5:57 p.m. Monday and found the room to be almost empty. There were about forty chairs set up, but only three people showed up—myself and two women.

This event was normally much bigger, AASA leadership assured me. The number of the participants certainly made the beginning of the conversations a lot weirder than it would’ve been otherwise. I said conversations, but I only had one. We never bothered switching conversation partners.

On the tables where we sat were sheets with a list of 23 questions ranging from the surface deep— “do you like animals?”—to some rather deep, personal questions, like what qualities you wanted in a potential spouse.

The questions were a great prop until the conversation itself got rolling and we ended up exchanging numbers, agreeing to meet up the next day for the first Valentine’s Day date that I will have had since 2015.

Dope. Thanks, AASA.

If this date doesn’t work out, though, I could always just sob into Totino’s© party pizzas alone every night for the rest of my life too.