Showstoppers and Black Squad win championships

Black Squad and Showstoppers won the men’s and women’s intramural 5-on-5 championships Feb. 25.

The two teams were both presented with the opportunity to travel to Texas Christian University to compete in the regional tournament against other universities.

Black Squad will be taking advantage of this opportunity. Lashard Bullard, a junior health and wellness major from the Bahamas, plays forward for Black Squad.

“We take pride in getting this opportunity,” Bullard said. “Playing with Black Squad has been so amazing for me. I have an unbreakable bond with most of the guys I play with.”

Meleah Reames, a junior rehabilitation science major from County Line, is a guard for the Showstoppers.

“Playing intramural sports is always a good time, especially when you get to meet new friends and play with old ones,” Reames said.

Arkansas Tech Recreation had 33 men’s teams and 11 women’s teams participate this year.

Indoor volleyball is the current sport with dodgeball coming soon. Registration for dodgeball teams ends Thursday. Teams can register at