SGA fills vacancies

A new executive position was filled for the first time in Tech history during the Student Government Association’s (SGA) senate elections on Feb. 4.

SGA had 10 positions available this election, which is an increase from spring 2014 when there was only three positions available. Because of the number of positions open, all students involved gained a position in SGA, including the new position of secretary of diversity and inclusion.

Adrian Speck, a senior from Dardanelle, was elected to the new position, which was implemented only a couple weeks prior to the election. The secretary of diversity and inclusion is meant to keep students updated about events happening on campus so they have the chance to become more involved.

“It’s a position that brings to light what all Tech does and gives students an opportunity to participate in campus activities more,” said Bethany Skaggs, a junior from Greenwood who was recently elected as secretary of internal affairs. “Basically he’ll work to promote a diverse campus. We want to be one family at Tech. So that’s what he’s going to help support around the student body.”

Skaggs, along with Blake Bratcher, a junior from Fayetteville who was elected to the junior senator position, both expressed their excitement for SGA’s plans in the upcoming semesters.

“I know they just got fall break approved, so that’s exciting,” Bratcher said. “And I know they’ve been working on getting a sidewalk put in from Vista to Tech, which will be great for the students who live there. They’re having to walk on a really dangerous road to get to school as of right now, so that will be good.”

SGA President Katie Frazier, a senior from Danville, said the association is “the voice of the student body. We basically figure out what the students want or need and work to get it done.”