SGA elections

Students at Arkansas Tech University elected three new executive board members and 21 new senators during fall 2015 Student Government Association elections Sept. 14-16.

Individuals elected to the executive board were Evan Gray, secretary of public relations; Maggie Hand, secretary of student development; and Xintong Ren, secretary of diversity and inclusion.

The election of those three officers completes the SGA executive board for 2015-16. Previously elected officers are Saul Pennington, president; Bethany Skaggs, vice president; Zachary Schwartz, secretary of internal affairs; Cortnie Been, secretary of finance and administration; and Michael Mata, secretary of community outreach.

SGA senators chosen by their fellow students during fall 2015 elections, listed with the area they represent, are:
• Katherine Nunez, College of Arts and Humanities
• Chris Hoover, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
• Haley Owen, College of Business
• Melanie Norman, College of Natural and Health Sciences
• Khalil Oumimoun, International Students
• Haley Ashe, Senior Senator
• Mitchell Mullen, Senior Senator
• Thomas Avery, Junior Senator
• Connor Eason, Junior Senator
• Tylan Fowler, Junior Senator
• Hannah Coffee, Sophomore Senator
• Allison Holloway, Sophomore Senator
• Becca Mosler, Sophomore Senator
• Harrison Lester, Freshman Senator
• Makenzie Martin, Freshman Senator
• Jayson Simmons, Freshman Senator
• Jordan Barnes, Senator at Large
• Jason Morris, Senator at Large
• Monique Morris, Senator at Large
• Thomas Rich, Senator at Large
• KJ Thompson, Senator at Large

Senators previously elected to serve in SGA during the 2015-16 academic year are:
• Kara Johnson, Graduate College
• Luke Dooly, Senior Senator
• Sidney Burgess, Senator at Large
• Seth Mays, Senator at Large
• Matthew Smith, Senator at Large