SGA Conference

Executive council members and advisor of SGA attended the 39th Annual National Leadership Conference on Student Government over the weekend of Oct. 5-8 in St. Louis, Missouri.

It was a 3-day conference consisting of around 25 breakout sessions to choose from each. Some topics included in these breakout sessions were: proper parliamentary procedure, diversity and inclusion, risk management on campus, interview tips and how to work a room, just to name a few.

Abbie Moore, SGA Secretary of Finance and Administration and junior accounting major from Greenwood said, “since there was such a broad number of topics, we made sure to have an exec member in each breakout session in order to gain as much information as possible.”

SGA President, Matthew Smith, senior agriculture business major from Warren was able to sit in at the Presidents Round Table. He had conversations with the other SGA presidents of universities and was able to see how policies and issues are faced on different campuses.

“I think getting to see the foundations of how their SGAs are built is a good thing that we can bring back; in terms of 3 branches of government and the way that resolution and legislation is passed,” said Smith.

During the free time of the trip, executive council members and Jenny Butler, SGA advisor and Assistant Director of Campus Life, were able to explore some of St. Louis. They toured the Gateway Arch, went shopping and ate at many restaurants.

Last on the agenda to wrap up the conference was an optional talent contest for all attendees. Though they did not place in the contest, all eight executive council members got on stage and preformed a cover of song together.

“It was a bonding experience for us and the conference charged our motivation even more to better our campus,” said Moore.