The Arka Tech

Self examination: a look at social media habits

Two staffers critique their social media accounts based on last week’s call to action.

Sierra Murphy:

Having challenged the Tech community to utilize their social media in a proactive manor, I thought Karen and I should look inward, and examine our own social media habits. Are we living up to the same standard we’re imposing on our campus community?

When I sit back and think about it, I like to think that I use my social media responsibly. When I set up my accounts, I was sure to impose several different security measures, so only friends and family can see my posts. I’m reserved in what I post, which is a combination of t-rex videos, journalistic information and cooking videos. I’m proud of my faith, and I also use my social media as a platform to share that with my followers and friends.

But really diving in, am I doing what I can to utilize the tool that social media is? I’m friends with people across oceans, and I have the ability to reach out to communities using hashtags and other groups, but I’m not taking advantage of that. My Instagram feed is a combination of work-related posts and peeks into my personal life. My Facebook feed, like I said before, is cooking videos and t-rex videos. These “weapons,” as they sometimes feel like, are not being properly taken care of by me, as far as I’m concerned.

So, Tech community, I would like to apologize for expecting something of you that I’m not already doing myself.

Karen Ricketts:

After our call for others to use their social media accounts for social causes, I decided to go back and examine mine more closely. I wanted to see how I am making a conscious effort in using my social media accounts to start conversations about causes that I am passionate about.

I think my weakest medium is Instagram, where I mainly post creative artsy photos or photos of the goings on in my personal life. In comparison, I think my Twitter handle and Facebook page are more consistent with posts and tweets about societal issues and current events. Most recently, I shared many links from “Democracy Now!” about the Dakota Access pipeline protests that are happening in North Dakota over the Standing Rock Sioux reservation lands in hopes that more people might become aware of what was happening out west. Of course, I live tweeted the presidential debate a few weeks ago, but normally I just tweet about music, feminism and politics or share various petitions that I see on

Granted, as much as I do share content about various topics, I think I have more room to be intentional and engaging with my followers. But I am just as guilty as any for posting stories that I just find interesting or cute that doesn’t have a cause behind it.  I think once we examine our own habits we can start to see how to be more intentional and engaging when it comes to hot topics in the saturated social conversation.