See Me: Cliché but good read


Maria Sanchez is an extremely successful law­yer. She recently moved back to her hometown to escape a difficult sit­uation at her job and to be closer to her tight-knit family. In the middle of a stormy night, Maria is assisted by a man who couldn’t be more differ­ent from her, Colin Han­cock.

Colin, who is nearing 30, has just started back to college and couldn’t be more distant from his family. Colin has wasted much of his life, unlike driven Maria.

When Maria’s sis­ter reintroduces her to Colin, they start to real­ize they may care more about each other than they care about their dif­ferences. But Colin and Maria both have dark­ness in their pasts. Dark­ness that threatens to consume them or at least force them apart.

If you’ve been read­ing my book reviews a while you know that I enjoy a Nicholas Sparks novel from time to time. They’re usually quick, fun reads that almost al­ways leave you feeling good when you’re done. “See Me” is no different.

I really related to how driven Maria is and I fell in love with quirky, bad boy Colin. There are smaller characters who were slightly more flat than Maria and Colin. Though the side char­acters were a little one dimensional, they were still fun and had relatable aspects and were usually good for a laugh.

The darkness in both Maria and Colin’s pasts is completely fascinat­ing. Once you figure out what it is and just exact­ly what could be hap­pening, you’re hooked. I don’t want to give too much away, but the way Sparks seamlessly weaves a romance plot with a lit­tle crime makes the nov­el really difficult to put down.

But Sparks has found a formula that works and he sticks to it. This novel reads like almost every other Sparks novel: cou­ple forms, couple takes a break and then circum­stances force the couple back together. It’s just the couple and the cir­cumstances that change and even then those components never differ that much.

That said, I’m still go­ing to read every Nicho­las Sparks novel I can get my hands on. If you want just a quick, fun and mar­ginally tense read, “See Me” is perfect.

Amber Appleby
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