Second Starbucks coffee bar coming to campus


A new coffee bar serving Starbucks coffee will open in the lobby of the new Brown Building, according to university officials.

The new coffee bar is not technically a Starbucks franchise location, but will exclusively serve Starbucks products–similar to the coffee bar that currently operates inside of Baz Tech. The existing location will not be affected by the new bar’s opening.

One major difference will exist between the two locations: only hot beverages will be served inside of the Brown building location.

Current plans are to have the new bar open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, but it might start serving earlier in the morning if there is enough demand, according to Todd Nixon, Chartwell’s Senior Director of Dining Services for the Tech campus.

Erin Hall is a freshman biology major and self-professed Starbucks fan, but isn’t sure about the necessity of another coffee bar.

“We only really need one Starbucks,” Hall said. “We could probably use a different restaurant.”

The Brown Building will be home to a variety of student support and administrative

departments when it opens this semester, including the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment. The coffee bar could be a perk for campus visitors.

“During construction meetings, hospitality for visitors and convenience for our continuing students was the focus,” commented Shauna Donnell, director of admissions, via email. “We felt that both groups would be pleased.”

According to Megan Keown, an employee at the current coffee bar, workers were at the Baz Tech location last week taking measurements in order to plan for the new location’s equipment setup.