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International Film Festival will have movies in eight languages

The library will be hosting its second annual International Film Festival on Feb. 28-March 16. All movies will begin at 7 p.m. in RPL 300 North.

Eight movies are scheduled and eight languages will be represented. The last movie of the festival, “Babel”, will represent seven languages alone.

The festival is a Global Focus On Track event. Students needing credit can arrive at 6:45 p.m. on the night of the film to swipe their ID.

The festival is free to everyone. Philippe Van Houtte, system librarian, said he encourages faculty, staff, students and the community to attend.

Van Houtte said last year’s festival was effective and hopes more people will attend this year.

“I think it had an impact,” Van Houtte said. “And because of its impact, we decided to have another one. It can only grow.”

Van Houtte, Dr. Lowell Lybarger, music and multimedia librarian, and Dr. Nelson Ramírez, associate professor of Spanish and coordinator of world languages, have been planning the film festival since June.

“We brainstormed and tried to find a positive way to expose the community to the richness of other cultures and languages,” Van Houtte said. “Movies are a very positive and interesting way to expose because you have audio and visual which allows you to totally embrace the surroundings and sounds of the language when you watch.”

Ramírez said they have expanded the languages and cultures offered this year.

“We decided to add a sample of other cinematic traditions,” Ramírez said. “Besides films in the languages that our department offers, this time the festival will show films in Hindi and Persian.”

Ramírez said the films will help foster the desire to continue or to start the enriching process of learning another language to those who attend.

For next year’s International Film Festival, Van Houtte said they have decided that all movies will be in the original language of the country it’s representing. They also plan to change the location.

“We hope that the auditorium in Doc Bryan will be renovated in time for next year’s film festival.” Van Houtte said.

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