Safety walk identifies areas of improvement

Public Safety and the Office of Facilities Management conducted their annual campus safety walk on Nov. 10.

Chief Josh McMillian led the walk, which consisted of students, faculty and staff who were encouraged to participate to look for areas with low lighting, placements for call boxes and camera placement.

The walk began in parking lot K just north of Witherspoon and proceeded toward Paine Hall. During the walk, the group identified various areas on campus in need of lighting, including the corner of Glenwood and R Street, the corner of Glenwood and L Street by the baseball field, the sidewalk in front of Dean Hall and the ADHD accessible ramp near the library.

As the walk continued toward Nutt Hall, the group found that the sidewalk between Brown Hall and Turner Hall ends abruptly, and it would be useful to put in a walkway so students can travel more easily to their vehicles.

Another part of campus in need of a walkway or side walk is in front of the football field where students often walk to McDonalds. Lights were also suggested along the path. Cameras were suggested for Caraway Hall and Paine Hall parking lots.

The list made by the group will be given to the executive council and further action will be taken from there.

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