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Russellville Parks and Recreation expands, changes

Russellville can look forward to new expansions in regards to various recreational, park, and civil related issues with the appointment of Arkansas Tech’s own Dr. Theresa Herrick to the Russellville Recreation and Parks Commission (RP Commission).

Herrick is a professor in the Recreation and Park Administration program at Tech and has been involved with the RP Commission in various roles non-official and voting roles since 1985. Herrick has assisted in the design and implementation of multiple playgrounds, campgrounds, and parks not just in the Russellville community, but throughout the state of Arkansas.

Herrick has come onto the commission with no shortage of ideas. One of Herrick’s goals involves the expansion of trails throughout the city.

“I helped put together the ‘Russellville Connected’, which is the trail plan for the city written in 2010,” Herrick stated in an email. “Many miles of trails have been built since 2010 and there are plans for many more miles.”

Herrick is particularly interested in involving the RP Commission with projects associated with Tech. “Dr. Bowen has some wonderful ideas for campus and the RP Department in Russellville is excited to be working with ATU,” Herrick said.

Herrick has multiple short-term goals for the campus, several of which include improving the local roads.

“The city will soon begin work on Highway 124 between Arkansas and Vista Place apartments, creating a ’complete’ street like El Paso with lanes on both sides of the road for vehicular traffic and separate lanes for bicycles and pedestrians,” Herrick said.

Not being just an avid supporter of Tech, but for the community as a whole, Herrick has some ideas that she would like to see come to fruition in the near future. Her long-term goals for the city include the construction of a new community center and a new outdoor pool.

Excited by her new position, Herrick is sure to be a new guiding force in the RP Commission for the betterment of our local and state parks, as well as our local recreational areas.