Retirement and rehiring: Director of Budget and Special Events

Linda Johnson, long-time Director of Budget and Special Events, is nearing retirement.

“I’m at that age,” she remarked. “I’m just ready for retirement.”

Despite Johnson’s readiness, the job has yet to become available for application. The date at which it will be available was not disclosed.

When the date is finalized and the job becomes available, a statement for the position will be posted on the Arkansas Tech University website.

“We have a new computerized database called Cornerstone, and it is to do the… advertising and onboarding process for new hires,” Johnson explained. “It makes everything electronic, which is really nice.”

Before the advertisement for the position is put on the Tech website, a personnel requisition form must be submitted. The form then goes through the Human Resources office and other channels for approval. After the form is approved, the advertisement is posted. Applicants can find open positions through the Human Resources page on the Tech website. All paperwork will be submitted online.

“Each job is selected by a committee,” Johnson said. “There’s a committee chair, and then, of course, committee members, and the committee chair is the one that coordinates when they’re going to sit down and review the applications.”

Each position has a set of requirements applicants must meet for consideration.

“They have to meet the minimum requirements or we can’t consider the application,” Johnson said.

The applications will then be further evaluated against preferred criteria.

“Those are optional, but always good,” Johnson explained. “Based on that criteria, then you select which ones you’re going to interview.”

Depending on the number of applicants and the number of interviews, the committee will then make their selection or conduct another series of interviews with the top candidates.

While prior experience may be helpful for the application, no special treatment will be given to current Tech employees.

“There’s really not any place in the evaluation process for that,” Johnson said. “They generally just go for who is the most qualified.”

Anyone hoping to apply can find available positions on the Human Resources page of the Tech website. For more information go to ats/careersite/search. aspx?site=1&c=atu.

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