Recycling on campus needs a helping hand

Hannah Butler/The Arka Tech
Hannah Butler/The Arka Tech
Andrew Ridenour makes a choice to use the recycling bin, located at Baz-Tech, for his empty water bottle .

Facilities Management on campus works hard to manage and keep recycling alive across the Arkansas Tech campus. Recycling is available to all faculty, staff, and students.

Currently, the recycling program has twenty-one bins on campus for bottles and cans, not including ones that staff puts out. for paper, Lasey states that “most academic and office buildings have an office paper recycling bin that is served by the Boonville Human Development Center.” The bins are emptied at various times by Facilities Management, depending on which ones are used the most. For example, Brian Lasey, Facilities Management Director, said that “The cafeteria roll off is emptied weekly, the warehouse roll off about every five weeks.” These are taken to dumpsters that are then picked up by the Green Source Recycling, which is connected with the West River Valley Regional Solid Waste Management District in Clarksville.

According to the West River Valley’s website, plastics, metal cans, cardboard, paper, glass, electronic materials, and more are accepted materials, to recycle outside of campus. However, it is good to remember that only cardboard, newspapers, plastic bottles, steel food cans and aluminum cans are acceptable to recycle on campus.

As far as improving recycling on campus, Lasey would like to see a recycling coordinator position become available. The job would see to working with students and part-time employees, as well as finding ways to educate others on recycling. Lasey said there is a need for education, because there are still many students who put regular trash in the recycling bins. Lasey also wants to see more staff in Facilities Management in order to “increase the flow of recycling.” Until then, students can find ways to help out by taking initiative to start recycling programs in buildings or residence halls. Lasey said that Facilities Management can help students with receiving recycling bins.

Students would have to be responsible for emptying it as Facilities Management is currently short-staffed on those who may empty the bins. To empty bins, the two roll-offs are located behind the cafeteria and also at the Facilities Management Warehouse. In order to get recycling bins in residence halls, Facilities Management is willing to help with any Residence Director on campus to receive one, as long as it is taken care of.

The Campus Environmental Coalition on campus does advocate for recycling, although the activities and efforts from the organization vary from time to time. To take part in learning more about recycling on campus and around the community, students can visit the West River Valley Solid Waste District’s website at For more information on educating others or receiving a bin for residence halls and other buildings on campus, contact Facilities Management at 479-968-0270.

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