Recreation and parks administration to be offered in the fall

By Keshawn Moore

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Hospitality is made up of three separate programs under one umbrella but has recently made changes in its recreation and parks administration — adding a new degree option for the fall semester.

After combining two of its emphasis areas, turf management and recreation administration emphasis, recreation and parks administration developed recreational sports management. This degree option was designed to help students learn the basics of managing the maintenance of sporting environments and playing grounds.

Students would be responsible for keeping the fields of grass and turf sports properly maintained. It is a preparation for city-based parks and recreation programs.

“Its probably one of the fastest growing degree options in recreation and parks for a number of other universities,” said Cathi McMahan, head of Williamson Hall.

This is the first time Tech has offered this degree, and McMahan said she believes that it will give students a better chance at furthering themselves in recreation and parks.

It is also putting a “new twist on the department.”

“We looked at our emphasis areas and decided that we needed to make some changes in order to best prepare our students for their future and careers.”