Ready, set, exercise


One of the most dreaded things that college students face in today’s time is gaining the dreaded freshman 15. But, what if the freshman 15 expands beyond freshman year?

Exercise can be seen as a waste of time to some, but it is actually not a bad thing.

Exercise is a great thing, and not only gets your body in shape it also helps to reduce stress and can even brighten up your day. For starters, exercise can stimulate various brain chemicals that can leave you feeling happy and more relaxed.

By just doing a simple 30 minute walk in the morning, you are helping your cardiovascular system become more efficient.

Is exercise the only thing that can help improves these entities? Eating right and getting the right amount of nutrients can also help your body function properly and look good.

So whenever you feel down, out of shape or gloomy, just go to your local gym for a boost.

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