Questioning it all

There is no such thing as a stupid question.

You’ve probably heard that a hundred times, and you might disagree with it. I completely understand why. I’ve face-palmed at people’s questions before. I get annoyed when people ask a question about something I just explained thoroughly.

I don’t always understand why someone doesn’t comprehend something that I can easily.

None of this is inherently bad. People’s questions will seem inconsequential to you sometimes. It’s hard to change that. But you should never think the question that you are asking is stupid because of the way the recipient is treating you because of it.

If you are sincerely asking to further your knowledge or to settle your confusion, the question you are asking is not stupid. It may be perceived as such, but if you learn from it, it was never a stupid question.

Here’s the thing. A lot of your questions are important. Your professor might not understand why you are struggling to comprehend, but the fact that you spoke up matters.

Don’t take it personally. Some people are so knowledgeable about a certain subject that they look down on others who know nothing about it. That is not your fault.

Your boss might have been vague with his instructions and is annoyed that you are asking how to completely your task well. That is not your fault.

There are too many pretentious people in this world. They think they’re better than their fellow man. You can’t change them. But you can change the way you see others and yourself.

So don’t fall into that category. Stand out. Put yourself in your fellow man’s shoes and figure out where they’re coming from.

You might think that the question that they are asking is dumb. You might think that the question that you are asking is dumb. I challenge you to change the filter in your brain.

See their question as an opportunity to help. See your question as an opportunity to learn.

We are human. We are destined for egocentrism and disrespect. But we can fight against our fate.

Nothing good will come from arrogance and apathy. Strive for humility and empathy, and never stop furthering your knowledge.

Claudia Young
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Claudia Young was the Editor-in-Chief of The Arka Tech (2015-2016)