The Arka Tech

Public safety building to become Brown parking lot

Arkansas Tech’s Public Safety building will be torn down to accommodate the new parking lot for the Brown building, which is nearing completion.

“The parking lot for the Brown building is going to take that entire area, including where the structure is,” said David Moseley, vice president for administration and finance. “It will keep us from doing part of the parking lot.”

However, the campus security building will not affect the opening of Brown Hall.

“We may have to keep the area where the building is undeveloped until we get it down,” Moseley said.

The project for the future Public Safety building won’t break ground until well after the New Year.

“As far as I know, our building is scheduled to be torn down after they build us a new facility,” Chief of Public Safety Joshua McMillian said.

“The new facility location is supposed to be where Garden Park currently is, on the South side of the baseball complex.”

The department’s current building is 2,100 square feet and modeled closely after a home for a small family.

“Each office space we have is doubled up on, with two desks in each office,” McMillian said. “The kitchen is currently our student worker area, as well as equipment storage for our part-time officers.”

The department, which has about 18 officers, 10 student workers, two administrative assistants, an emergency manager and a graduate assistant, will soon undergo a needs assessment that will give Tech a better understanding of what to include in the new facility.

“Some of those needs are more space for staff and designated areas for those staff,” McMillian said.
The new, bigger building will give Public Safety the opportunity to eventually increase their staff, department and campus outreach.

“I’m hoping that with this new facility we can increase that, and it’s going to provide another layer of protection and security for our faculty, staff and students,” McMillian said.