Psychology department moves to Tomlinson

Psychology students at Arkansas Tech University might have noticed a change this semester – specifically, the movement of faculty offices from Witherspoon to Tomlinson.

Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities Jeffrey Woods said the growth of psychology has forced the relocation of faculty offices.

“We needed some room,” Woods said. “Because psychology is one of those growth areas, that was sort of a natural choice.”

The move occured at the end of this past semester once the space became available.

“Dr. Watson found some money at the end of the year, and he knew our needs for office space. He asked if we wanted some of the space in Tomlinson, and we jumped on it,” said Woods.

But not all of the offices are in Tomlinson. Some, including the central office for behavioral sciences, are still in Witherspoon. Because of this, Woods suggested students check where the new offices are when they’re making advising appointments.

What’s being done with the old space?

Woods said some of the space is being used for graduate students and administrative needs for rehabilitation science, as well as research space for student projects.

“It’s a product of growth. It’s like everything on this campus,” Woods said. “Everything’s growing, and so we find places where we can to grow into.”

For more information, contact the psychology department at (479) 968-0305.

The new offices are: McHugh, Tomlinson 126 C; Samson, Tomlinson 126 G; Ward, Tomlinson 126 B; Osburn, Tomlinson 126 A; Hickerson, Witherspoon 336 D; Willmering, Witherspoon 336 E; Ulsperger, Witherspoon 355; Everett, Witherspoon 345; Stobaugh, Witherspoon 361; Wiewel, Witherspoon 360; Warnick, Tomlinson 126 D; Willbanks, Tomlinson 126 F; Mikles-Schluterman, Witherspoon 344; and Lockyer, Witherspoon 357.