Pool, ping pong and pizza at Doc’s Place

One Tech student has been going to Doc’s Place almost every day since he came to Tech last year for access to the pool and ping pong tables.

“I have been going to Doc Bryan at least a couple times a week since I started going here,” said Patrick Anderson, a sophomore history major from Clarksville.

“I go with some of my friends to go play pool, or do some homework and get some food.”

To get access to the pool cues and balls or ping pong paddles students must ask for them at the information desk in the front of Doc Bryan. You must leave your Tech ID card and come back for it once you are finished playing.

Anderson said that he generally does not like to go eat at the cafeteria because he thinks it is boring and that there is nothing to do.

“Here, there is a lot less people and it’s just so much more relaxing,” he said.

More than half of the students go to the cafeteria, leaving Doc Bryan open to people who would like it a little quieter, and the pool and ping-pong table attract people too.

“I go here all the time waiting for my next class,” said Cameron Jarod, a senior business major from Paris. “Up the stairs there are even less people, so I go up there if I want a quiet place to study.”

Doc Bryan also has an area dedicated to food. Chips, snacks, drinks and even pizza are available for purchase. From 5-7 p.m. a meal swipe can purchase a box of pizza and a small soda.

“It certainly isn’t Pizza Hut, but I like it better than I like the caf pizza,” Jarod said.

Doc Bryan even has an area dedicated to comedians to perform, or movies for students to watch.