Police Reports: Sept. 24- Sept. 30


At around 2:00 pm on Sept. 25, a complainant reported to a public safety officer that his student parking hang tag had been stolen out of his Jeep. The complainant advised that his jeep had no doors and was therefore easy to access the contents of the vehicle. A temporary hangtag was given to the complainant

At 2:47 on Sept. 27, a car failed to yield to oncoming traffic at the intersection of Coliseum Drive and West “O” Street, causing a public safety cruiser to have to brake suddenly. Public Safety pursued the vehicle with lights and sirens until it pulled over in the Caraway parking lot. Officers noticed an “odor of intoxicants” coming from the vehicle and an open case of beer in the backseat. After several sobriety tests, the driver was placed under arrest.

At around 3 pm on Sept. 28, a complainant reported that her windshield had been cracked while her vehicle was parked in the MM parking lot. An officer observed that the windshield appeared to have been struck by a rock.

At around 1:30 pm on Sept. 30, a complainant reported that his phone had been stolen while in Tech Fit. Complainant reported that he had plugged his phone in near the north window to charge it and when he came back approximately fifteen minutes later, it was gone.