The Arka Tech

Police Reports: Oct 10-Oct 14


At 10:21 pm on Oct. 10, an officer received a phone call from an on-campus resident who stated that someone had broken a pane of glass in the window of his dorm room. The resident stated that he did not know who did it.

At 8:45 pm on Oct. 9, an officer was informed by dispatch that a student wanted to report a theft. The officer responded to the student’s dorm room, at which point the student informed the officer that her wallet was stolen out of her car in front of M Street Residence Hall. The student said the wallet contained her debit card, driver’s license, Tech ID, the keys to her dorm room and $570.

At around 7:45 pm on Oct. 11, a student called to report damage to her vehicle. The student reported that she had noticed the damage to her vehicle while at Walmart, but the Russellville Police Department could find no evidence of the damage being done on the Walmart security cameras and advised her to report the damage to Public Safety, as that is where the damage most likely occurred. The driver’s side fender had been dented and the paint was scratched from the fender up to the gas cap. The student also reported that the word “sorry” had been written in the dust on her back window when she discovered the damage. Officers could not look at the camera footage in the lots where the student had parked due to camera malfunctions.

At 12:06 am on Oct. 13, officers received a call from the resident director on duty, informing them of a possible “breaking or entering” within Stadium Suites. The resident of the apartment informed officers that she had been in bed when she heard a “loud pop.” The resident was unable to look through the peephole as it had been damaged, as had the doorframe and deadbolt. A witness at the scene reported that he witnessed two suspicious persons in a black “long car” pull into the driveway.

At 2:28 pm on Oct. 13, two individuals came to the public safety office to speak to an officer about the breaking and entering at Stadium Suites. The individuals reported that they had seen a video on snapchat of a male running back to a car with another male after kicking in a door.

At 11:45 am on Oct. 13, a complainant reported that someone had stolen items out of his vehicle parked on the ATU campus. The complainant reported that his driver’s license and two bank cards were missing.

At 8:46 pm on Oct. 14, a report was written regarding someone scratching a vehicle in the NM lot on either Oct. 13 or Oct. 14. The officer noticed two scratches on the driver side doors. The officer reported that the scratches were white and “not very deep,” and that he was unable to identify what the white material in the scratches was.