Peg Leg: Mostly good; fries come up lacking

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Mostly good; fries come up lacking

When Bruce and I first walked into Peg Leg, I was intrigued. The walls are painted in bright blue with red base boards and trim. The pirate theme is complemented by the décor — a ship’s wheel, an oar and one of those cute little Hobby Lobby metal signs that says, “Work like a captain play like a pirate.” It was a fairly small space with several tables packed in together. They weren’t busy, so the closeness of the tables wasn’t a big deal but I imagine it would be if the restaurant was busy.

After seating ourselves, a waitress swung by and got our drink orders almost immediately. When she dropped off our drinks, which were in Styrofoam cups with lids and straws, she asked if we were ready to order. Her asking so quickly indicated to me that they have many repeat customers who always know what they want. Unfortunately for her, I have to stare at the menu and be indecisive for like 20 minutes before I make any decisions.

The menu was one laminated page and the front of it was dedicated almost completely to burgers, which is what the restaurant is known for. The back half of the menu has various things like chicken sandwiches, fish tacos and sides.

Naturally, I had to order a burger so I ordered the mushroom Swiss burger combo, which comes with fries. The burger features a handmade patty, lettuce, mayo, tomato, Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms and onions. I asked for no lettuce and no tomato because if I put a vegetable in my body, it might go into shock.

The food came out fairly quickly and I was super excited. Since I normally don’t get veggies on anything, my burgers are usually pretty thin and disappointing. This burger was much thicker than I was used to so I was excited.

I bit into the burger and was immediately in love. The mushrooms and onions were sautéed but they weren’t completely soft, which I loved because they added some crunch. The bun was nicely toasted and the meat itself was wonderfully juicy. I’m not normally too messy of an eater but the meat was so juicy, I was constantly checking my shirt for drippings.

Now, I loved the burger. It was hands down one of the best burgers I have ever had. However, I was extremely disappointed in the fries. They were sort of greasy and flaccid. I want crunchy fries, not limp ones. But ketchup did help make the fries palatable.

My combo and drink were $8.49. It’s not super cheap, but it’s good food and for the amount of food you get, it’s a decent price. I will for sure be going back to Peg Leg but next time, I’ll ask for extra crispy fries.

The waitstaff seemed to care more about leaving.

When I first walked into Peg Leg, I was excited. It was about 2:30, and I hadn’t eaten yet, so I was more than ready to get something to eat. The restaurant’s interior had brightly painted blue walls and sailor themed décor. While not what I expected from a restaurant, I was glad because the decorations and the walls made it look like this was a quiet family owned restaurant, my favorite kind of restaurant. We were told by the waitress to find a seat and she would be right over. Once we sat down she immediately came over and asked if we knew what we wanted. Having never been there we asked for a minute. She came over again about a minute later, with the same question. After a few minutes contemplating what I should get, I finally settled on a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. We also decided to get a small cheese dip to share, simply because we were hungry. After about 5 minutes, the cheese dip was brought to the table.

The Cheese dip was…. lacking. It had a very basic taste, almost as if it was just melted cheese, but it also seemed as though it had just been nuked in the microwave.

A few minutes after the cheese dip came out, our food was done and was brought to the table. I don’t know about you, but when I think about fries, I think about crunchy, crisp, and erect fried potatoes. These fries were fried, but that was the only similarity between them. They were still slightly oily, they were soft, and they were flaccid. However, despite all of that, they still had a very good flavor profile and tasted pretty good. The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, however, was a different case.

It looked great. It looked delicious, but after a bite into it, it was disappointing to say the least. The bread had soaked up some of the grease the meat was cooked in, making the bottom bun soggy. The meat itself felt and tasted as though it had been left of the stove too long and had overcooked making it dry and almost flavorless. The Swiss Cheese hadn’t been completely melted, making parts of the sandwich even more dry. The onion, green bell peppers, and mushrooms however, had been will mixed and were delicious.

The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Combo and the cheese dip came out to be about $13.

Overall, I would give Peg Leg about a 2/5. However, right after our food was brought to the table, the restaurant underwent a shift change. I believe that the staff that cooked our food was eager to get off work and thus did a poor job of representing the restaurant itself. I do intend to go back and give it a second chance because I feel like the restaurant had a lot of good potential.

Amber Appleby
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