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Amanda Condon SUBMITTED
Amanda Condon SUBMITTED
Amanda Condon

After losing her job at 27 years old, this single mom with three kids was facing the fact that her life was not improving. Amanda Condon decided it was time for a change.

Change is never simple.

Condon decided to go to college to become an emergency management administration major, but she needed a better way to pay for school other than financial aid and out of her own pocket. This led her to find out about grants, scholarships and community resources that help pay for college.

“This did not happen overnight, it took time,” Condon said, “but it was worth it because now my school is paid for and I can afford to live and go to school.”

From this knowledge she became passionate about sharing it and teaching others how to utilize the tools. Her success in this led her to apply to the Pearson Student Advisory Board because “it is exactly what I do.”

The Pearson Student Advisory Board is a group of 15 students that were selected out over 800 applicants this year. Condon was the first Tech student to get selected for this board.

Pearson makes textbooks, learning tools, online assessments and other products for teachers and students. This is the eighth year that this board was assembled to help students “research, develop and improve the best possible learner outcomes that enable people around the world to make progress in their lives.”

“What we do is work with Pearson executives on different projects that shape and transform their educational materials,” Condon said.

Student Advisory Board members play an active role at Pearson, including: “brainstorming in person with senior Pearson executives on the challenges and opportunities in the education marketplace, collaborating with the student team on how to make a positive, lasting difference in the educational experience of others, having the opportunity to travel during their term of service and expanding their personal and professional network.”

And that is what Condon has been doing since day one. After accepting her position, Condon went to Boston to meet the executives that her team gets to work with. She gets to continue the work of the board from the previous year and make suggestions on how to improve and move forward with those ideas and ideas of her own. Since most of the communication with the board is done via online, Condon can easily manage her family while still helping the board.

Though Condon couldn’t reveal the research she is currently doing because it is research into future ideas, she said she did join the Pearson Student Advisory Board so she could “change the future of education, to be apart of a movement making education accessible not only in the United States but everywhere.”

“The Pearson Student Advisory Board offers outstanding student leaders the opportunity to help shape the learning tools and strategies that will prepare themselves and their peers to succeed in life,” John Wannemacher, Pearson vice president, said.

To learn more about Pearson or to apply for the Pearson Student Advisory Board go online to

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