Pancakes for dinner

pancakeVegan pancakes were made Wednesday, on the third floor in Nutt Hall, in an effort encourage students to use plant-based food products.

The event, sponsored by SETA (Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) gave students the opportunity to make pancakes in a mug for themselves using plant based ingredients instead of animal products.

Faith Robinson, co-president of SETA and graduate student from Russellville, said in an email, “we wanted to encourage them to use plant-based milks in place of dairy milk and applesauce instead of eggs.”

According to theLink, SETA advocates humane and merciful interactions between humans and other species; its purpose is to educate others on the moral, environmental and physical health benefits of an animal free lifestyle.

The recipe for the pancake in a mug is as follows: one half cup of Bisquick pancake mix, one fourth cup of soy milk and two tablespoons of apple sauce. Optional ingredients include dairy free chocolate chips or blueberries. Microwave the ingredients for one to two minutes.

There will be events like this in the future that will serve food and further educate others about the human and animal relationship.

“We hope people use the information from our events to make more compassionate choices for animals when it comes to what they eat,” Robinson said.