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Pacesetter allows students a chance to ‘pay it forward’

A program set up by the Student Alumni Association asks graduating seniors to make a donation of $20.17 to the university.

The Pacesetter annual giving campaign, which was first started in 2006, allows graduating seniors to make a donation to any department on campus, enabling them to donate the money to the areas that helped them succeed the most in their education.

“The campaign gained its name because it wants to encourage graduating students to set the pace for a lifetime of giving back to their Alma Mater. We ask that graduating seniors donate $20.17, in honor of their graduation year to wherever they wish in the university,” Clay Wyllia, the coordinator of alumni engagement, said.

The campaign will reward its sponsors with a shirt, membership in the Gold Society, a classification of young alumni donors and three certificates the donor can award to people of their choice who helped them achieve academic excellence.

“It’s important to be able to see where your money goes. We hope that students will be more likely to donate when they can control which area on campus benefits from the donation,” Wyllia said.

Information on donating to the campaign can be found online at or by visiting the Alumni House at 1313 N. Arkansas Ave.

“The university relies heavily on donations. Alumni giving is really vital to our programming. The class of 2016 raised over $3,600 last year, and we hope to at least match that number with this year’s donations,” Wyllia said.

“I think it’s a good idea, but I am not likely to donate this year, because over 90 percent of my money already goes to Tech just to pay for school. I do plan to give a donation after I find a job outside of college though,” Marion Chronister, a psychology major from Dardanelle, said.

Other giving opportunities are available through the universities website at