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Ordering t-shirts has changed for university


In early February, the university announced a change in policy for ordering t-shirts.

All campus departments must now go through the Department of University Relations to obtain t-shirt quotes if the t-shirts are being ordered with university funds.

Rules for registered student organizations remain the same, but the department has been making efforts recently to educate members of registered student organizations of existing policy requirements.

All t-shirts containing the university name or logos must also be approved by the Department of University Relations, regardless of source of funding for the t-shirts, as these are protected by trademark status.

Usage of a university trademark also necessitates that the t-shirts be ordered from a list of approved vendors. The list of vendors can be found at

To submit a request for design assistance or to receive approval for a t-shirt design, visit

Questions about trademark licensing or the t-shirt quotation process can be directed to Brandi Collins, licensing coordinator, at