Open mic night introduced at Baz-Tech

Arkansas Tech University’s Baswell Techionery is now open until 11 p.m., ushering in a new Tech form of entertainment — open mic night.

Kevin Solomon, associate dean of Campus Life, has been working closely with the Student Government Association (SGA) on the change. Open mic nights are now being held every Tuesday night to provide Tech students with local forms of entertainment.

“We want to build a brand with people playing stringed instruments and go from there,” Solomon said.

Solomon has few expectations concerning open mic night, including no more than two people on the stage, and performers are required to play an instrument and sing or sing with an accompanying instrument.

Performers are allowed to play music of their choosing, but Solomon made it clear he was to meet the performers before beginning the placement process.

Billy Reeder (left) and Wren Whiteseven played at open mic night on Tuesday at Baz-Tech.
Billy Reeder (left) and Wren Whiteseven played at open mic night on Tuesday at Baz-Tech.

The driving force behind the open mic night was the fact Solomon knew Tech was home to many people who were musically talented.

Solomon said he knew singers through Tech Idol and some of the off-campus ministries.

He asked students to spread the word and performers began reaching out to him.

Solomon said he wishes to eventually include beat poetry, keyboards and a capella at acoustic night.

“I don’t want to take away from the fact it’s a musical thing, but I want to develop it.” Solomon said.

Development also includes time. By Christmas, Solomon hopes acoustic nights continue to be a weekly event.

“I could fill Tuesday night slots until Christmas.” Solomon says.

Contact Solomon at for more information.

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