Online radio growing in popularity

Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and iTunes are easy ways to access music in just the click of a button.

It has become easy to get free music at any time to jam out to while on the go, and Arkansas Tech students are taking advantage of the service.

Misty Stephens, a business major from Harrison, said she likes that music is so easy to get these days.

“Since music is available for free and it is so easy to get either from the web or on my iPhone,” Stephens said.

“I have taken advantage of it, and I get songs almost every day — I think that is why my collection is so broad and diverse,” Stephens said. “I listen to one song off an album, and then I download that entire album the next day”

Spotify and Pandora consider their medium an online radio service. These apps give listeners the advantage of buying a full version equipped with no commercials, unlimited skips and other options.

David Lewis, a marketing major from Berryville, said he doesn’t have a problem listening to the commercials because sometimes he uses the information that is given between songs.

“Sometimes the commercials are actually useful and show me other apps to get free music off of,” Lewis said.

“I normally use Pandora when I am at the gym; the app gives me a wide range of song options and genres,” Lewis said. “I also like to use YouTube when I am looking for just one particular song.”