Following Jodi’s path; why she killed her husband

I first saw this book when I still worked at Hastings. We were in the midst of closing down, and I happened to stumble upon it in a returns bin. I was immediately attracted to the novel because the cover has a quote by Anne Lamort of “People” saying, “It’s this summer’s ‘Gone Girl’.” I loved “Gone Girl,” so I obviously had to read “The Silent Wife.”

Unfortunately, I lost the book and couldn’t find it anywhere, but I finally ordered it online. I was super excited to read it, and it definitely did not disappoint.

“The Silent Wife,” by A.S.A Harrison, is a psychological thriller novel. The story is told in alternating points of view: Jodi and Todd. The two are at a rough point in their relationship. They aren’t married, but have been living as man and wife for several years.

That is until Jodi murders Todd. I know. Everyone just freaked out, but I promise I didn’t spoil anything. You learn that Jodi’s going to murder Todd on page two of the novel.

So now you’re asking, “What’s the point in reading it then?” You get to find out why Jodi murders him and how she does it. As the omniscient reader, you get to watch this slow build of anger and resentment. You watch Jodi go from meek, mild housewife to a woman who takes control of her own life.

To be completely honest, I didn’t like Jodi. I had a hard time getting behind her because often she was too forgiving and too willing to ignore things when they were right in front of her face. She seemed more content to just go on living a farce of a life instead of standing up for herself.

Todd is just an idiot, and a horrible person, throughout the novel. That doesn’t ever really change, but the reader does eventually feel some sympathy with Todd. Especially during the murder.

Read this and watch Jodi’s transformation and Todd’s slow downfall. I have read several comments online that say that they are completely behind what Jodi does and that Todd deserves it. After you read the novel, shoot me an email at arkatech@atu. edu and let me know what you think.

Amber Appleby
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