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One-and-done weakens the game

The long wait is over. College basketball season is finally here. Even though the season is back, there might be changes in affect soon. With the recent scandals in college basketball including Rick Pitino’s payment scheme and a number of other allegations, Adam Silver thinks the one and done rule might be to blame. Silver wants to abolish the rule from college basketball.

Every year in college basketball, there are more and more college freshmen who declare for the NBA draft after one year of school. There is rule in place (the one-and-done rule) which mandates that to be eligible to enter the NBA draft, a player must be one year removed from high school. This typically forces otherwise unwilling participants to go to college or go play basketball overseas for one year. Last year, there were sixteen players who enter the draft who were college freshmen.

Silver thinks the scandal has shifted college basketball culture and the increase of college freshmen is to blame. According to SLAM Magazine, Silver said, “It’s become common knowledge that these so-called one-and-done players, maybe understandably, are almost entirely focused on where they are going to go in the draft lottery. Not to say they don’t badly care about winning but … the stakes are so high in terms of the amount of money they can make over a long NBA career.”

This appears to be true because a lot of basketball players are looking to enter the NBA draft after one year. The one-and-done rule has helped and hurt the NBA.

On the negative side of the rule, there is an abundance of under developed players in the NBA. Several young kids rush to get to the NBA because they’re looking to make money to support their family, even though that player might not be ready to enter the NBA. Also, some fans feel like it’s hard to build a relationship with one and done players. That may be because it is hard to market to causal fans with these type of players. Also, coaches have to constantly rebuild their programs. This leads to programs getting into trouble because they are trying to get the best players but so are the rest of the schools in the nation, so schools offer recruits illegal benefits.

On the positive side, a player can enter the draft early so they won’t get hurt playing basketball while still in college. Players can have a longer NBA career by entering the draft after one year of college. Usually a college kid is about 18-years-old and after that one year, usually when they enter the draft, they are still 18 or 19-years-old.

If the one and done rule was abolished, college basketball and the NBA would be healthier and more fun to watch at the end of the day. If players stayed in college longer, they would develop their game more and they would be more successful in the NBA.