On Track takes students across nation

A program at Arkansas Tech University will take students from coast to coast this spring.

On Track, a co-curricular program designed to enhance student development beyond the classroom, will provide the funds for undergraduate student to travel to Washington D.C. and Los Angeles in May.

The program has nine tracks, each with six or more events. Students must attend three of the events to complete the track. All tracks must be completed to be eligible to go on the trip.

Active, Mind and Body focuses on helping students develop and maintain healthy habits. Events within the track include health and wellness fairs, alcohol and depression screenings and a university-sponsored 5k.

Advance to Career is designed for students to utilize their involvement on campus to impress potential employers. Events within the track include career fairs, resume and cover letter writing workshops and etiquette dinners.

Aspiring Leader was developed for freshman and sophomores to develop leadership and social skills. Events within the track include social media seminars, interactive obstacle team building and social excellence training.

Elevated Citizen gives students the opportunity to give back to the community through philanthropy. Time may be spent volunteering at the Russellville Animal Shelter, th Boys and Girls Club and the River Valley Shelter for Battered Women and Children.

Global Focus offers students a chance to learn about the world around them with events such as Black History Month, Light the Night and International Student Panel discussion.

Leader Identified is designed for junior and seniors to use the leadership they have developed throughout their time in the program. Events include building ethics and integrity workshops, building social media profile workshops and conflict management workshops.

Unite has been designed to connect students through programs such as Pack the Stands athletic events, Humans vs. Zombies and baseball games.

More information is available on theLink or at www.atu.edu/ontrack/ontrack.

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