On Track offers opportunities to students

on-trackOn Track is a co-circular experience that is designed to foster student learning outside of the classroom and get students involved with activities on campus. There are “tracks” that students must complete to earn the opportunity to apply for rewards.

There were originally seven tracks for undergraduate students: active mind and body, advance to career, aspiring leader, elevated citizen, global focus, leader identified and unite. Recently, the Graduate Scholar track was added for graduate students.

Students are given the opportunity to “get licensed” on theLink. Once the student has selected the tracks that they wish to do, and answered a few questions, they will be officially licensed to begin the program.

Once a student has been licensed, they must go to three events for each track that they selected in order to complete the track. They can find events within their track on theLink or by checking the flyers for the event they wish to attend.

After attending the approved event, students must log back into theLink and answer a reflection question about the event. With this completed, the event will count toward the student’s progress through the OnTrack program.

Students can complete any number of tracks during a semester. All tracks must be complete by graduation in order for the student to be eligible to apply for the rewards.

Undergraduate students who complete all seven tracks, excluding the Graduate Scholar track, will become eligible to apply for an all-expense paid trip. The trip will take place after graduation in May 2017. The selected students will be taken to New York City and to Washington D.C.

Graduate students who complete the Graduate Scholar track, plus three others, will be eligible to apply for their graduate hood to be paid for.

“OnTrack is a tool for students to get involved on campus,” Kara Johnson, the coordinator of leadership and service, said. According to Johnson, grades and retention rates are higher, and students are happier, when involved on campus.

Emily Rainey, a liberal arts graduate student from Springdale, said she had heard about OnTrack all through her senior year at Tech, but finally decided to get involved as a graduate student.

“It just seemed like a lot of cool opportunities with a lot of cool rewards,” Rainey said

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