Old Post BBQ hits the spot for all


Smoky chicken is sandwhich pefection

I’m normally not one to go to a barbeque place. I’m more for.. anything else. Naturally, I was apprehensive when I walked in to Old Post Bar-B-Q.

When we walked in, there was no wait, so we went up to the chalkboard menu and looked for what to order. I had trouble ordering, considering I had no idea what to order, and the menu, in my opinion, was a little hard to read. Luckily, the lady at the cashier was patient as I settled on a chicken sandwich with macaroni and cheese and fries, barbecue sauce on the side.

HANNAH BUTLER/THE ARKA TECH Smoked chicken, macaroni and cheese and curly fries make up a cheaper meal at the Old Post Bar-B-Q.

We were seated at a big table that was hurriedly wiped off. There was still a bit of some sort of food, which I could still see it when we sat down.

It wasn’t appealing.

As I got my food, I noticed the portions were off-balance. I had a tiny portion of mac-and-cheese (with one piece of shredded cheese), a sizeable amount of curly fries and two slices of chicken on my sandwich. I added the barbecue sauce provided onto the sandwich.

The sandwich was surprisingly wonderful, as I did not know how well I would enjoy it. The smoky-like chicken was cooked magnificently, and the barbecue brought out the flavor well. The curly fries also peaked my interest, and I almost ate way too many. They both went well together. I ended up being glad that the macand-cheese was tiny. It was not appetizing and I was sure I have had better Kraft mac-and-cheese.

Despite everything else though, I would definitely come back to enjoy another one of the chicken sandwiches. It was only around $6 despite other prices going upwards. Old Post Bar-B-Q definitely has a good appeal, but is lacking in other areas. However, it is a nice spot for barbecue and for families. It surprisingly has a good food, especially for those who are apprehensive to eat barbecue.

Pulled pork perfectly palatable, going back for more

I like my pulled pork in smaller pieces but the flavor from the pork and the sauce complemented each other so well.

We began our lunch by being lost. We had no clue where to eat this week. That was when the smell of barbeque lured me in. My fellow lunch partner agreed to eat there but was a bit apprehensive (I learned later that she doesn’t like BBQ).

Upon entering, patrons are met with a chalkboard menu and a big, black counter. I was taken a bit in surprise but the smells lured me forward. There were ‘specials’ that were a decent price for barbeque, the ‘not on special’ items that were a bit pricy for a college student but then I was informed Tech students get a 10 percent discount.

With the encouragement of a discount and smells continuously calling my name, I decided to order the pulled pork special with a side salad and macaroni and cheese. I do love a good pulled pork.

After paying, we were handed our drink cups and directed toward a fountain machine. My thought was free refills, woooo.

The worker who took our order was friendly, patient and answered any question we threw her way (we wanted to know what was the best deal). She was the one who informed me about the discount.

The booths in the restaurant were halfway filled with people, as the lunch rush was just leaving. We decided on a table but it had not been cleaned yet. The cashier saw where we wanted to sit and came over to clean the table. I was impressed at how quickly she cleaned it off and made it ready for us to sit down.

The atmosphere was odd; close seating, no music, with rustic décor on the walls. This place would not win awards for their atmosphere. The bathroom however was simple, clean and had corrugated metal sheets on the walls as the only decorations (it could win awards).

As we sat and talked for a few minutes, our food suddenly appeared. The pulled pork was pulled into large chunks and covered in the house mild sauce (per my request). Usually, I like my pulled pork in smaller pieces but the flavor from the pork and the sauce complemented each other so well I was glad the bits were larger. There ended up being so much meat on my plate that I could not finish it all and had to take it to go.

The side salad was a basic one, varying types of lettuce with shredded cheese and tomatoes. It was a decent and fresh side salad. The macaroni and cheese surprised me because it is made with real cheese. For most people, this is a ‘love it or hate it’ type of item and it was interesting that a restaurant would serve this. For me, I loved it. It had a pile of shredded cheese across the top and was gooey and warm.

The slice of bread that came with it is irrelevant only because it was your generic white bread but add a little pulled pork and it became a magical food apparatus.

All in all, the food wins hands down. The in-house smoking of their meats, the Tech discount and the free refills won me over for many return visits.

The pulled pork special was $8.99 with drink and Tech discount.

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