Oktoberfest event brings high school students to Tech campus

On Friday, Oct.12, a Tech department hosted the sixth annual Oktoberfest. The purpose of Oktoberfest is to let those studying German in high schools across Arkansas to come together and learn about German culture.

German instructor Gabriele Haulmark has been advising Oktoberfest since it first started at Tech.

“We started Oktoberfest because we want to get the language and culture closer to the students,” Haulmark said. “It’s supposed to teach the kids that learning a different language, in this case German, is fun and easy.”

Students on campus who are involved with the German courses were asked to help set up and operate Oktoberfest.

“This year I helped with the German animal bingo,” sophomore bio-med major Mikala Clark said. “We held up cards of different animals and called out their names in German. These kids are getting a day off to have some fun as well as learn a little bit more about the culture.”

When the students arrived they were split into four separate groups and then rotated through different stations. These stations included crafts, games, the history of Martin Luther’s Reformation and a German bingo game.

“I think it’s important for the high school kids to experience this because there aren’t that many things as far as activities or places to go that have some sort of dealing with the German culture in Arkansas,” Clark said. “They get to learn, play and listen to native speaker speak the language they are studying.”

Around 170 high school students from around the state attended this year’s annual Oktoberfest.