Norman Hall Art Gallery to showcase senior exhibits

Zeke Mascuilli's digital painting for the exhibit

Norman Hall Art Gallery will have two senior art exhibitions during the month of April. Starting April 1 the Fine Arts Senior Exhibit will be open until April 12. Starting April 19, the Graphic design Exhibit will be open until May 3.

The fine art exhibition’s opening reception will be from 6:30-8 p.m. on April 1. The graphic design exhibition’s opening reception will be from 6:30-8 p.m. on April 22. Both events will be held in the art gallery.

“There’s too many students for one exhibit,” Lyn Brands, associate professor of art graphic design, said. “It worked for the first year or two but then it just exploded.”

For the fine arts exhibit, 13 students will present, and for the graphic design exhibit, 14 students will present. Most students are at the junior or senior level. Four of the students are in both exhibitions.

The four students in both exhibitions “are taking the fine art show as an elective because they have a certain body of fine art work and they want to play both angles as they leave here career wise,” David Mudrinich, professor of art, drawing and painting, said.

There will be three awards given: one for the fine arts, one for graphic design and one for art education. The award, entitled “Department of Art Senior Recognition Award,” requires an application, a 3.5 GPA, a resume and the student must be a senior. Each award will be handed out during their corresponding exhibit’s opening reception except the art education, which will be awarded at an alternate time.

The fine arts exhibition is a student’s collection of cohesive fine art works with an artist’s statement, according to Mudrinich and usually has works that are ready to move them into the next stage of their career.

The graphic design exhibition can be print, digital, animation, web design, art done for class or work they have done for clients, according to Brands and usually has works they have done within the last two years that they made better or added to.

Kimaly’s poster for a
local charity event.

The fine arts exhibition is entitled “(Dis)Enchantment,” showcasing works that emphasis the dis portion of the enchantment or the enchantment itself. The graphic exhibition is entitled “Project 14” because there are 14 students presenting and they always have a project to work on, according to Brands and the works will vary.

“We love to have people who aren’t part of this department come and see the works,” Brands said. “It gives them an idea of what we’re doing.”

The exhibitions offer the artists professional world experience because they learn how to run the exhibitions from start to finish, including setting up their own work and doing public relations to get the word out.

“Come with an open mind, read and look,” Mudrinich said. “Buy something and start a collection.”

These exhibitions give the students an opportunity to sell their artwork. Some of the artists will have their works for sale but buyers will have to talk to the artist if a price is not displayed.

For more information go online to or contact the art department by phone at (479) 968-0244.

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