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Nicki Minaj releases three new singles


Recently, Nicki Minaj has not been putting out much music for the Barbz (what she calls her fanbase). Now we have three new singles from her: “Changed It (feat. Lil Wayne),” “Regret In Your Tears” and “No Frauds (feat. Drake & Lil Wayne).” This is great for hip-hop and Cash Money fans because we have not heard any new material from the three amigos in a minute so it is exciting to hear something fresh.

In “Changed It,” Nicki tags Lil Wayne for a verse and to give us an auto tune induced chorus to start off in the beginning of the song. After Lil Wayne’s introduction, Nicki delivers a hot 16 that is clearly aimed at Remy Ma, a female rapper from New York, or any other rapper she feels has as much influence as her. The song is okay from what I keep hearing. There are many words so it will take a minute to learn all of the words but the beat is something you can nod your head to. This song gets a 5/10 from me.

Drake and Lil Wayne then join forces with Nicki Minaj to make a diss track directed at Remy Ma titled “No Frauds.” Although it is a diss track, the only one dissing Remy on the song is Nicki. She starts the song with the chorus and then goes into her first verse. Lyrically, this was her best verse since she crossed over to the pop land of music. It actually sounds like she is still hungry to be the best.

Drake comes in to rap the same thing but from his perspective of what kind of frauds he’s been dealing with.

Lil Wayne’s verse comes after the chorus, and still manages to rap about the main subject of not wanting to be around any frauds and only the Young Money family, which is the label they are signed to. I am going to have to give this diss track a 6 out of 10 only because this song sounds like something that is going to be playing in the clubs for a minute. It is always a plus when your listeners can sing and dance along to your music, even if it is just rap.

Last but definitely not least, “Regret In Your Tears” is a mid-tempo groove track based on a lost love she once had and now has to let go. She talks about how he kept messing up in the relationship and now that she is gone, she has to erase some memories and move on. You can definitely dance to this song, which is why I like it. A good beat I can vibe to always gets me. Not only can you dance to it but also the song has a meaning behind it that many pop rap songs do not have. For that, I will rate this song at 7.5 out of 10.