New take on Harding-Kerrigan feud

If you haven’t heard about the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan feud, you probably aren’t the only one. After all, it did happen in 1994. But I’ve been fascinated with it since I was child. Basically, Tonya and Nancy were both amazing figure skaters. Both got on the America team for the Olympics and often competed against one another.

One day, while Nancy was practicing for the Olympics, a man entered the arena where she was practicing and hit her knee with a baton, effectively busting it. The man was hired by Tonya’s ex-husband.

Tonya claims, and has claimed since it happened, that she didn’t have any prior knowledge of the attack. Her ex-husband has changed his story off and on, but eventually did agree and say that Tonya didn’t know. Regardless, Tonya was banned from figure skating by the judge during her trial.

“I, Tonya” follows Tonya Harding’s story from her childhood when she first started skating through to after her trail and banishment from the world of figure skating.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. It’s vulgar and hilarious, but it’s also sad. Tonya didn’t necessarily have the best home life or marriage, and this film captures that. It captures Tonya’s ups and downs in a stunning and fun way.

One thing that I did really appreciate about the film is that it doesn’t really try to make you feel sorry for Tonya. I expected this film to try to make the viewers feel as if Tonya was an unwilling victim in her downfall, and it didn’t. Now, it didn’t villainize Tonya either. The film did really well with just telling the story (both sides of it—Tonya’s and her ex-husband’s) and letting viewers decide whether or not they would sympathize with Tonya.

Something to keep in mind if you watch this film (which I highly recommend you do, by the way) is that Nancy Kerrigan was the princess of the ice skating world during this time, and Tonya Harding was a white trash nobody that the skating association really wanted nothing to do with. You can see that dichotomy quite clearly in this film.

“I, Tonya” is nominated for some Academy Awards and managed to snag some Golden Globes, so if you’re a movie buff, this movie is a must see. And if you enjoy comedy, (and this is from a self-professed comedy hater) you seriously need to see this movie because it is wonderfully funny.

Amber Appleby
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