New Challenges

I was recently promoted to manager at a local retail store.

I’ve held similar positions before, but I was introduced to a new challenge just a few weeks after my promotion.

The store had an employee who was continually showing up late or missing shifts completely. The employee was warned twice and was doing much better after the second warning, trying harder and doing extra things, as well as showing up on time and not missing any shifts.

A few weeks after the second warning, the employee was an hour late one morning to open the store. We only found this out after receiving calls from a concerned customer about why the store wasn’t open.

The owner and I deliberated and decided the employee must be fired. Many would think the employee should have been fired after the second mistake, but this was not an easy task.

The employee was well liked among customers and had contributed to the store in many ways. At one point, the employee even helped set up a new and effective pricing system we still use today.
I remember thinking, “I really, really don’t want to do this.”

I knew it had to be done, but I wished someone else could have done it for me. Often times in life, we have to do things that make us uncomfortable. Many times these uncomfortable decisions will not be as black and white as they might seem to others.

Facing these things head on can help us grow and handle difficult decisions better in the future.

Our replacement employee is not only always on time but is often early. I know in the end it was for the best, and if I had not faced this decision, I would still be dealing with similar problems from the employee.

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Jenn is a graduate student and Managing Editor of The Arka Tech for the 2015-2016 school year.