Netflix reportedly developing ‘Legend of Zelda’ series

Last week, Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo and Netflix are in the early stages of developing a live-action “Legend of Zelda” television series.

The report states that the series is aiming to be in the same vein as HBO’s “Game of Thrones” but more appropriate for the entire family.

While neither company has commented on the topic, it is not too far-fetched to believe, as late last year during the Sony Pictures leak, it was revealed Nintendo had been in talks with the company about producing a “Super Mario” movie. If the report is true, it will be the first time we see a television series adaptation of “Legend of Zelda” since the short-lived animated series in 1989.

Personally, I find myself cautiously optimistic about the idea. I would love to see Nintendo expand to television series and movies, as it has some of the best characters and gaming universes to ever exist in gaming.

However, I am not sure live-action is the route to go with “Legend of Zelda.”

The Zelda franchise relies so heavily on mystical actions and the supernatural, it may come across as a bit phony and overdone with CGI, unless Nintendo and Netflix are willing to pour a huge budget into it.

Regardless, I hope it blows everyone away and encourages Nintendo, a company that has become stingy with its properties, to open up and become more experimental with its characters and universes.