Nelson’s new single sets tone for album


The sound is unmistakable. Once you hear the haunting of that Martin classical guitar with a Baldwin pickup accompanying a jazzy, nasally voice, you know right away that you’re listening to Willie Nelson.

Nelson proved his importance to the music world early in his career, so at this point, he doesn’t owe anyone anything, and he certainly doesn’t have to make any more records. So when he chooses to release new music, you can bet that it’s something he truly wanted to do.

On April 28, “God’s Problem Child” will add to Nelson’s incredibly long list of releases. Though the musical direction of the album has been kept pretty vague, the first single, “A Woman’s Love,” sets the tone for what is likely to be another great album.

Though the song was written by Mike Reid and Sam Hunter, Nelson makes it his own. His iconic vocal delivery and guitar playing convey a raw emotion like no one else could do. There’s a lot of warmth and space in the recording, putting Nelson right in the center, just as it should be.

“A Woman’s Love” is one of six covers that Nelson chose for the album. Another that I very much look forward to hearing is his recording of Gary Nicholson’s “He Won’t Ever Be Gone,” a tribute to Nelson’s friend, the late Merle Haggard.

Even with his unbeatable catalogue of original music, Nelson continues to write new songs. This record will feature seven songs co-written by Nelson.

With titles like “Still Not Dead,” a humorous response to several death hoaxes about Nelson, it’s clear that the country legend still has fun with the creative process. Nelson and his beloved guitar, Trigger, have been together through a musical journey that has spanned decades. Both have stories to tell about life, love, pain and the other emotions and experiences that we go through as human beings. And though it’s inevitable that one day the stories will come to an end, it’s comforting to know that we get to listen for just a little longer.

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