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NCAA needs a college playoff readjustment

In the world of college football, every game and each week all builds up to one thing—the playoffs. After the implementation of the college playoff system, the top four ranked teams go at each other and the two winners play each other to decide the national champion of college football.

This is a poor system, starting with the name “college playoff.” How can it really be considered playoffs when there are only four teams involved? There is no real bracket that each team must maneuver to avoid elimination.

To achieve a spot in one of four places, you must have a near perfect season, especially going into the last few weeks where one loss can knock you out of any chance to compete for a national title. Along with this, you must have the side of the voting committee that gets to decide who is ranked where and who gets to play. Just because your team is undefeated, you may play in a weaker conference and the voting committee picks a one-loss or even a two-loss team from a stronger conference over you. This does not allow a team to show their true potential, simply because the committee thinks they are not as good.

One argument made against a larger playoff system is that it wouldn’t work for football. When you look at every other level of football played from high school to the National Football League, they all use a much bigger playoff system. In high school, they put the best teams in the conference or region into a bracket and let them battle it out to decide a state champion. In the NFL, they take the best 16 teams in the NFL and let them battle it out in a very similar style to eventually decide a Super Bowl winner.

With that said, college football is harder to pinpoint a system as the range for the teams is much bigger than in high school or the NFL, as there are over 100 teams in college football. It would still come down to a committee who must vote on the teams to be in the playoffs but it leaves a lot more up to the teams to take the shot at a title. College football is in dire need of a new system that allows more teams a chance for a title and leaves it open to the more talented teams to win the title in the end.