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Museum honors Crabaugh with contest

RYAN HARMON/THE ARKA TECH: Jose Cardiel, a junior graphic design major
from Rogers, won the Art and Architecture
contest at the Arkansas Tech Museum.

The Arkansas Tech Museum recently completed its newest exhibit — Art and Architecture. To coincide with its opening, the museum held an art contest for students.

Students were to create a piece that represented the Crabaugh building. The winner was Jose Cardiel, a junior graphic design major from Rogers, who didn’t expect to win.

“I didn’t think I’d do that good, but I took my time on it, and really tried to get the details in there,” Cardiel said.

There were three honorable mentions in the contest: Kimaly Ballard, Jessica Smith and Hanna Bauer.

The museum will purchase Cardiel’s painting and display it in the new exhibit, which also holds other artifacts, such as an oversized red velvet Valentine heart, given to Dean Alfred J. Crabaugh after students held a surprise protest once his retirement was announced. Some pieces will only be on display for a limited time.

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