More accesible recycling on the way

The Campus Environmental Coalition is starting a recycling program in order to make recycling more accessible for students. It is made up of both faculty members and students to create a more environmentally-friendly campus.

Advised by Dr. Douglas Barron, assistant professor of biology, the coalition is working with student organizations and faculty to maintain and regulate recycling. To start, the coalition is wanting recycling bins to become more accessible for students. “Students will not go out of their way [to recycle],” Dr. Barron said. To focus on this issue, his and the coalition’s goals are to accompany regular trash bins with recycling bins. Ultimately, recycling bins would not only be all across campus, but in athletic events, residence halls and each classroom buildings. Part of this has started with athletic events, due to the fact that athletics has already begun placing recycling bins at games. The Campus Environmental Coalition would work with Residence Life and athletics to offer some assistance in order to get these bins as a part of students’ everyday lives on campus.

In order to fund this, there is a sustainability fund for the coalition, as well as opportunities like the Pepsi grant. The coalition also is looking to student organizations to attempt a sponsorship for each one of the recycling bins. The funding and obtaining of recycling bins, however, is not the biggest worry. According to Dr. Barron, recycling bins are actually less to pay for than standard trash bins. “The biggest hurdle is getting the trash out of the bins once they are placed there,” Dr. Barron stated. Dr. Barron and the Campus Environmental Coalition are working with Facilities Management Director Brian Lasey to gather a solution on regulations of each bins.

The final and complete vision for recycling is to have set centralized places for recycling bins to be paired with each trash can, everywhere. To avoid students mistakenly putting trash in the recycling bins, this vision would be ideal. Currently, there are twenty-one bins on campus. Students can work with the Campus Environmental Coalition and Facilities Management to bring more recycling bins on campus.

While the Campus Environmental Coalition’s main focus is on recycling as of now, the coalition also offers other activities. Their Earth Day Celebration is happening April 23 at Hindsman Bell Tower with games and a potential tree planting ceremony. The coalition is also working with Dr. Charles Gagen to build a memorial garden next to the McEver building for the late botanist and professor, Dr. George Johnson.

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