Minor renovations to Tucker Coliseum underway

BAYLEE LINKER/THE ARKA TECH: The concession stands are one of the many things being renovated in Tucker.

Some minor renovations on Tucker Coliseum began in September 2016.

The Western Mill Wright construction company has been remodeling the bathrooms, all exterior doors, all exterior windows and the Green and Gold room.

James Wilson, construction superintendent, has been helping to coordinate the renovations.

“There have been no complications with this remodeling process; the goal is to be finished by the first week of March,” said Wilson.

This isn’t the crews’ first time on the Tech campus. Western Mill Wright has also remodeled some of the residence halls such as Wilson Hall, Caraway Hall and Nut Hall.

Belinda Martins is a facility department worker and has an office within Tucker Coliseum.

“One of the hardest parts about the remodeling process is having to keep all of that dust and other particles off the court for the athletic teams. That type of stuff could interfere with practices and games for the teams as well,” Martin says.

Martin is eager to see the renovated Tucker Coliseum, and mentioned that the noise from the construction can be “quite irritating, but most days it is bearable.”

After this $750,000 job is finished at Tucker Coliseum, the next job Western Mill Wright plans to secure is the remodeling of another Tech building: Doc Bryan. The bidding for this job begins March 2.