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Hannah Butler/The Arka Tech New Director of Health Services, Brandye Bisek, hopes to carry on some of the programs and ideas that the last director implemented.

The Health and Wellness Center located in Doc Bryan 119 has a new director of Health Services, Brandye Bisek. Bisek comes from Conway and graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a master’s degree in nursing. She previously worked in the student health center at University of Central Arkansas and in the nurse practitioner program.

As soon as possible, Bisek is hoping to make the center more accessible to see more students. Bisek said that one of her top priorities is to “try to get students in the same day, and try to get students in when they’re sick and really need to be seen.” As a start of being able to see more students, the center is looking to add a third nurse practitioner.

Bisek is also a part of the Health and Wellness committee, which is now looking at what students are truly in need of. The committee is in the process of creating a Student Needs Survey. The goal, according to Bisek, is to find out what students want to see in the clinic, what services could be provided and if there are any educational needs.

Personally, Bisek is passionate about events coming up soon in February. Starting Monday, Feb. 12, the Health and Wellness Center is taking on “Sexual Responsibility Week” in which each day of the week the center will spread awareness about prevention. Bisek will give a presentation on Monday as a part of the “Unplanned Pregnancy Workshop.” She mentions that she is passionate “to inform them and educate them on the options that we have here for taking care of it and to prevent that.” The presentation will begin at 3 p.m.

The rest of the week includes chlamydia and gonorrhea testing, STD prevention and more. Bisek aspires to continue to work on these issues and really help spread awareness about prevention.
Bisek hopes to carry on some of the programs and ideas that the last director of Health Services, Rebecca Gray, implemented. She hopes to continue to work with nursing students and giving a few lectures. She also wants to continue working with athletes and educational activities. As she gets settled within her new role, she hopes to add opportunities and change what is needed.

Students can visit the Health and Wellness Center between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Appointments can be made by going online at or by contacting the Health and Wellness office at 479-968-0329. The program schedule of the spring semester can be found at

To schedule an appointment online:

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