Master Plan is on track


State grants, private donors and the possible raising of tuition are all ways the university is looking for funding for the campus master plan.

The campus master plan includes a series of improvements to accommodate the needs of current students and faculty as well provide more opportunities for prospective students. Some of the proposed changes address campus traffic and entrances, the future development of the El Paso corridor for possible student housing, repairing existing buildings, creating a new performing arts center and a new recreation center and providing adequate office spaces for faculty.

“The plan is and will be a living document throughout the next 10-20 years,” Dr. Robin Bowen, president of Arkansas Tech said.

The master plan encompasses the vision for the future of Arkansas Tech, but is not a concrete plan; the plan was designed to be flexible in order to adjust to the needs of students over several years, Samuel Strasner, director of University Relations, said. “Even more important than the aspect of recruiting students here is making sure they can be successful while they are here.”

There is not a set budget for how much it would cost to implement all parts of the plan, but there is a possibility of increasing tuition to pay for a student recreation center. A fee would be added on just like a fee for athletics, art or distance learning. There is no information on how much of an increase there would be if any, but many students have expressed their need and desire for a recreation center.

Students have also expressed their concerns and needs to further be successful.

“The music department really needs this because our auditorium is not in good condition, and this would really benefit the band and choir,” Tori Morris, a choir member from Bauxite, said.

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