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Man on the Street: Poll reveals students don’t vote on Election Day

Students share their take on the Election Day and why they choose not to choose in the voting process.

Lee Canady

“I haven’t been keeping up with the candidates or anything. I’m not even registered to vote. I kind of care about it all, especially because I’m about to graduate and whoever is elected may affect taxes and employment”

-Lee Canady, senior hospitality major from Harrison

John Ringer

“I just don’t vote. My mom and dad always said our votes don’t count anyway, so what’s the point of voting?”

-John Ringer, senior computer engineering major from Amity

Jerrell Credit

“I hear about politics all the time. You know, Tom Cotton and Mark Pryor. It’s always the ads about us keeping up with this and that and who needs to be fired. I don’t like it. I don’t like politics at all.

-Jerrell Credit, sophomore physical education major from Conway

Seth Higgins

“I don’t really know a whole lot about politics. I don’t keep up with it all that much either. Although I am registered to vote, I don’t plan on using it.”

-Seth Higgins, sophomore nursing major from Rogers

Glen Poole

“I am a registered voter, but I don’t plan on voting. I don’t even really follow politics. I think that each party’s views are ridiculous and their actions are childish. I’m just a college student trying to get through school.” 

– Glen Poole, junior speech education major from Fort Smith