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Man On The Street: Poll reveals Apple versus Android use

Students share their take on iPhones versus Galaxy smartphones and why they perfer their company.

“I prefer the iPhone. I don’t know why. It’s a classier phone and it’s nicer. I’ve always had one. I feel that Androids are too complicated. Android always tries to copy Apple, but they always get outdone.”

Chance Stone

– Cody Oliver, junior business manager from Camden

“I like the iPhone but just because I’ve always had it. I’m not a tech savvy individual, so once I get something, I have to stick with it. I also think that the iPhone is easier and simpler to use. It helps that the majority of people still have iPhones.”

Sam Callner

– Chance Stone, Senior business from Fort Smith

“I’m always going to be an Android person. I think they are better phones altogether. The operating system is better, and it’s easy to use. I’ll probably upgrade to the Galaxy S6, too. It’s too late to get the S5.”

Tahmid Shantanu

-Sam Callner, sophomore accounting major from Henniker, N.H.

“The best is obviously Android. It’s all about accessibility. You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get things. When you have an iPhone, you have to have that special block charger and everything. Androids have that universal ability.” 

-Tahmid Shantanu, sophomore information systems major from Bangladesh

Casey Bradley

“I like the iPhone, I guess. I like it because it’s the Cadillac of smart phones, but it’s not because it’s bigger. That’s part of the reason why I don’t really care for Android. Where Android started big and just keeps getting bigger, the iPhone got there progressively. I just really like a phone that I can fit into my pocket easily.”

-Casey Bradley, freshman computer engineering major from Clarksville